2D survival game.. on a train

Build, craft and fight on a time travelling train

Chuture is 2D game in the dragongear engine (custom 2D engine). To complete every level in the game your goal is to catch up to the boss of the level by speeding up your train. The easiest way to do so is to add more engines or upgrade existing ones. Once you catched up the exit will open and you will be able to escape/clear the level, however if you go to slow the boss will escape and you will have to restart.

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Build, craft and fight while on a train travelling through time and space!

  • Platforms: Windows
  • Genre: Crafting Survival
  • Engine: Custom/Dragongear sdl2.0
  • State: Alpha
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    Create simple voxels based objects out of sprites in unity

  • Engine: Unity
  • State: Completed
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    Painting with vortexes

    Draw something with vortexes

  • Platforms: Windows, Linux, Html5
  • Genre: Simulation
  • Engine: Unity
  • State: Prototype, gamejam
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